I am a Ph.D. candidate and NSF Graduate Research Fellow at Michigan State University in Dr. Bob Montgomery’s RECaP lab. As an applied ecological modeler, I center my research around three interconnected themes: (1) the spatial ecology of wildlife populations, (2) the dynamics of inter- and intraspecific interactions, and (3) bridging the gap between empirical research and scientific theory. I use a combination of field work, observational data, statistical modeling, and broad-scale syntheses to conduct research in these areas. The ultimate goal of my research is to develop diverse collaborations that lead to solutions for applied ecological problems.

Prior to coming to Michigan State, I received B.S. and M.S. degrees from the University of Missouri, where I worked with Dr. Josh Millspaugh. Following my M.S., I spent time in Amman, Jordan doing work with the Royal Society for the Conservation of Nature and then spent three years teaching high school biology, chemistry, and theology in Beirut, Lebanon.