Ph.D. Quantitative Biology | Fisheries and Wildlife, Michigan State University,  2014 – Present

M.S. Fisheries and Wildlife, University of Missouri,  2008

B.S. Fisheries and Wildlife,  University of Missouri,  2006, summa cum laude


Please see my Publications page.


National Science Foundation Research Fellow, 2014 – Present

University Distinguished Fellow, Michigan State University, 2014 – Present

Academic Research and Development Specialist, Beirut Baptist School,  2012 – 2014

High School Biology, Chemistry, and Theology Teacher, Beirut Baptist School,  2011 – 2014

Research Assistant, University of Missouri,  2006 – 2008


Real/Brown Travel Grant, Ecological Society of America, 2017

Best Presentation, ESPP Research Symposium, Michigan State University, 2017

Best PhD Student Presentation. The Wildlife Society Annual Conference, Pittsburgh, PA, 2014

Au Sable Fellowship, Au Sable Institute of Environmental Studies, 2014 – Present

National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship, National Science Foundation, $125,000+, 2014 – Present

University Distinguished Fellowship, Michigan State University, $80,000+, 2014 – Present

NCAA Post-graduate Scholarship, $7,500, 2006.


Moll, R. J., J. D. Cepek, P. D. Lorch, P. M. Dennis, T. Robison, J. J. Millspaugh, and R. A. Montgomery. 2018. Humans and carnivores share the city by avoiding each other in time and space. Ohio Natural History Conference, Cleveland Museum of Natural History, Cleveland, OH. Invited presentation

Moll, R. J. The wildlife that surrounds us: Understanding the animals that call cities home. 2018. Michigan State Library Environmental Series, Michigan State University, East Lansing, MI. Invited presentation

Moll, R. J., K. M. Redilla, T. Mudumba, A. B. Muneza, S. M. Gray, L. Abade, M. W. Hayward, J. J. Millspaugh, and R. A. Montgomery. 2017. The many faces of fear: A synthesis of methodological variation in characterizing predation risk from carnivores.  Ecological Society of America Annual Meeting, Portland, OR.

Moll, R. J., R. A. Montgomery, J. D. Cepek, P. D. Lorch, P. M. Dennis, T. L. Robison. 2016. Focus on Wildlife: A Zooniverse citizen-science project. K-12 Educator’s Summer Institute, Kellogg Biological Station, Michigan State University. Invited presentation

Cepek, J., and R. J. Moll (co-presenters). 2016. Using camera traps to understand wildlife behavior in Cleveland Metroparks. Cleveland Metroparks, Cleveland, Ohio. Invited presentation

Moll, R. J., A. K. Killion, R. A. Montgomery, C. J. Tambling, and M. W. Hayward. 2015. Safety in numbers? Testing the effects of predation risk on ungulate group size. Norwegian Institute for Nature Research, Trondheim, Norway. Invited presentation

Moll, R. J., J. J. Millspaugh, J. Beringer, J. Sartwell, Z. He, J. A. Eggert, X. Zhao, R. J. Woods, and K. C. Vercauteren. 2014. Development and evaluation of a terrestrial animal-borne video system for large mammals. The Wildlife Society Annual Conference. Pittsburgh, PA.

Moll, R. J. 2011. Inquiry-based learning in a Lebanese context. Lebanon Conference II: Educational Challenges and Today’s Classroom, hosted by the Consortium for Global Education. Beirut, Lebanon. Invited presentation


Full CV available on request.