Animal-Borne Video Cameras

Project collaborators

Dr. Josh Millspaugh, University of Missouri
Jeff Beringer, Missouri Department of Conservation
Joel Sartwell, Missouri Department of Conservation
Dr. Zhihai He, University of Missouri
Dr. Kurt Vercauteren, USDA APHIS

We developed an animal-borne video system that enables the study of fine-scale animal behavior not captured by other technologies (e.g., telemetry) via video captured from the perspective of the animal. Several videos below show example data from our system, which was deployed on white-tailed deer. Prior to system deployment, we tested the assumption that deer would not be adversely affected by our system. We compared  the stress levels of control and treatment animals and found no effect of the system on our study deer (see Moll et al. 2009b in Publications).

The first video shows a female white-tailed deer walking to and drinking from a pond at our study site in mid-Missouri. The camera is situated at the base of the neck and thus generates a view of the landscape from the perspective of the animal. See Moll et al. 2009a in Publications for more details about our system and its applications.


A second video showing two white-tailed deer interacting at a fence.


A third video showing a nose-to-nose contact between deer.


A fourth video in which the deer wearing the video system is bedded and another deer comes into the field of view.